Your Guide, Claire Noelle

The best way to describe me is part sensual energy artist, part somatic guide, part pleasure activist, and part spiritual catalyst.  I bring more than 15 year’s worth of experience with sexual and somatic education alongside shamanic and tantric training and my own style of pleasure activism to each session, inviting you to explore and evolve your sensuality.

I have found that pleasure for pleasure’s sake is great, but pleasure to deepen mindfulness and increase presence in the Here and Now is truly the next frontier (and one of my favorite journeys to take clients on).

I am 5'2", 110lbs, with wavy blond brown hair, sultry green eyes, a petite yoga body, a playful sense of humor, an open mind, and lots of southern charm.

Aside from being a CMT specializing in restorative bodywork, I hold a degree in sexuality and gender studies.  I have completed eight levels of the Human Awareness Institute’s sex, love and intimacy curriculum.  I am a past participant in the Landmark Education Curriculum for Living, a graduate of PAX International’s “Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women” program, a senior student of and apprentice to the late Dakini Shakti Malan, PhD., from Cape Town, South Africa, a life coach trained at San Francisco State University, and a counselor trained by the Interchange Counseling Institute of San Francisco.  I am also trained in the Hakomi method of somatic pyschotherapy. I have studied shamanism with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD. and Michael Harner, PhD; Tantra with Steve and Lokita Carter, Dez Nichols, and South Africa’s Advait Tantra School; and have completed BDSM trainings with Cleo Dubois, Jaeleen Bennis, and Midori, as well as other Bay Area and European Pro-Dommes.  I was featured in a 2010 History Channel special about the history of Tantra as well as a 2010 DVD release called “The Path of the Sexual Shaman.”


You are friendly, respectful, punctual, discrete, generous and fun. You honor me by arriving to the session at the designated time, or communicating in a timely manner if you will be late or need to reschedule. You are interested in the pleasure of a sensual session as well as the opportunity to learn about skills and awarenesses that enhance health and well-being in your life and relationships.  In some way you also have an interest in personal growth, mind-body-spirit connection, and spiritual inquiry.  Additionally, you have an open mind and are hungry to learn how to work with your mind, body and spirit in an integrated way. You are more than a client or hobbyist; you are a sensual seeker in the noblest sense; someone I enjoy sharing my sacred work with.


You will experience a richly nourishing environment, a powerfully intuitive guide, and a pleasurable and supportive space.  I encourage you to be curious... especially about yourself. I invite you to ask questions and engage me in conversation about sexuality, intimacy, relationships, even personal growth and spiritual topics, if so inclined. I'm quite knowledgeable.  You can expect my full attention to the needs of your body, your mind and your spirit. All of my training and gifts are at your service. You can expect exquisite touch, intelligent guidance, a hot shower, chocolates, lovely music, candles, sweet smells ...all the richness and beauty of the Divine Feminine.

~Our Time Together~

In each session I gracefully blend the feminine archetypes of playful goddess, erotic-muse, shamanic-priestess, and wise-woman to delight and nurture you, stimulating and adoring your body, your mind and your spirit.  It is my highest priority that in our time together new insights about your sensual Self open for you, shift for you, and come alive for you, empowering you to thrive even more in your life and relationships.

During our session I will combine touch, movement, inspiration, and instruction from the following modalities:

•Traditional Swedish bodywork
•Taoist erotic massage
•Gentle breathwork and meditation
•Reiki and energy clearing
•Body and posture awareness

•Erotic Blue Prints
•Tantra/sacred sensual healing work
•Yoga and gentle stretching
•Compassionate communication practices
•Real-time feedback for men and women about relating with each other

Additionally, calling upon my training as a coach and counselor, I am equipped to create with you sessions, ritual, and practice that will improve the alignment of your mind-body-and-spirit, the ways you communicate and express yourself, and the ways in which you allow yourself to experience pleasure in life.

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