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Is it the way a finger caresses a cheek? Or how a tongue glides across a cherry? Or even the way an eye dilates when gazing intently at another?

Sensual Dialogue is all these things, and more.

We, as lovers of life, are engaged in sensual dialogue all the time with objects and others through our five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. We are delighting endlessly in all the stimulus that life ecstatically provides.

However, after we take in enough stimulus, we can become over-stimulated. Too much dialogue happening. The senses on over-load and the pleasure compromised.

When reflecting on this, instead of becoming frustrated or overwhelmed, I began to consider a new expression of Sensual Dialogue, one that is a very Buddhist precept.

Up until that moment I had forgotten that there is Sensual Dialogue in the stillness, in the silence, in the Zero Point...otherwise known as the space between the breaths.

I began imagining what it can be like for lovers to Sensually Dialogue (meaning be Present and Aware of each other through their senses as well as through their arousal) in the space between the breaths. In the stillness. In the silence.

We think of Dialogue as needing to include words and sounds. Rather dialogue is happening --silently-- in every moment as we interact energetically with objects and others.

My offering today, a new approach to Sensual Dialogue, is simply this --- reactivating the simple joy of Being Bare with your lover: silent, perhaps naked, perhaps intertwined, perhaps connected physically. Allowing the flow of silent energy to breathe you both. Exchanging no words and yet everything is said.

I imagine the ecstasy that lurks just around the corner from the moment of surrender and silence--- when we enter the Sensual Dialogue in the space between the breaths.

What an incredibly powerful place to allow Your Sensual Evolution to unfold.

with love,
Claire Noelle

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