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[INTRODUCTION: As a voracious sex geek, learner and researcher, I often encounter resources to add to my voluminous resource library.  Because I'm only an occasional writer myself yet desire to have a blog, I thought why not do as the Utne Reader (www.utne.com) does and showcase a diverse range of resources about my favorite topics: sexuality, intimacy, gender, identity, relationships, Tantra, BDSM, emotional intelligence, healthy touch, sacred sexuality, sexual health, and more.  So here you go....xo Claire.]

Summer Solstice rituals involve sex, fire, and ....herring?
By Victoria Taylor

In some cultures, the odds of getting lucky at a summer solstice celebration are stacked in your favor.

The Northern Hemisphere's longest day of the year marks a time when the earth is fertile and traditions often honor the fertility of humankind as well.

As CNN put it, the summer solstice is "all about sex." In Sweden, Midsummer festivities include dancing around a Maypole -- which some consider a phallic symbol -- singing about frogs, wearing floral crowns, eating various kinds of pickled herring and drinking vodka....

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