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[INTRODUCTION: As a voracious sex geek, learner and researcher, I often encounter resources to add to my voluminous resource library.  Because I'm only an occasional writer myself yet desire to have a blog, I thought why not do as the Utne Reader (www.utne.com) does and showcase a diverse range of resources about my favorite topics: sexuality, intimacy, gender, identity, relationships, Tantra, BDSM, emotional intelligence, healthy touch, sacred sexuality, sexual health, and more.  So here you go....xo Claire.]

by Alice G. Walton for www.Forbes.com

Though sex serves a pretty obvious functional purpose—it gets sperm cells closer to their end goal—it also serves some interesting psychological ones. A central effect of sex is that it enhances pair-bonding, the connection between the individuals having sex. And though it probably evolved for a different purpose, the “afterglow” sensation that lingers after sex seems to contribute to that bonding, a new study reports.  Read more HERE.

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