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The REAL Reason This Election Upset You Has Nothing To Do With Trump
by Katherine Agranovich

From someone who's gotten plenty upset herself ...

For the past six months, my clients have been stumbling into my office and sinking into the large, plush hypnotherapy chair as if they’ve just been pulled out of a boxing ring, bruised and sweaty. And while emotional turmoil is always an exhausting b*tch, this time, the recent presidential election is at fault.

I can totally relate to my clients’ pain.

Just yesterday, I was accused on social media of joining Hitler’s army.

I had shared my perspective on second-term abortions (meaning after 13 weeks of pregnancy, when the fetus is fully developed) on Facebook and in response was called “selfish and ignorant, a fake, plastic-faced, stupid Russian immigrant who doesn’t know anything” by someone who doesn’t even know me — or that I’m the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor and that I have an American passport.

So I was sitting at my computer in the kitchen enraged and typing back a mixture of Russian and English insults when my fifteen-year-old son walked in on me.

Seeing my flushed face and the open Facebook page, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“This person,” I began my rant, pointing at my abuser's comment, “he …” .....

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