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Quiet Lingam, Welcoming Yoni
A deep focus of our work is healing.
Healing means many different things, and it's not only about 'fixing a problem'.
In fact, this is probably the most limited definition of healing.

We see healing as being about consciousness, about being able to expand the choices we make, about living fuller, happier lives.
To do this we have to be able to recognise the patterns we live with. The things we do, the impact the choices we've made have on us and others.
The growing awareness of our selves and our lives creates an increase in consciousness.
We become more present.
And in this presence we're able to see with greater clarity.
We're able to connect the different parts of ourselves and our lives, creating a greater sense of holism, of union.
And in this space the gifts of our lives become apparent.
We become able, more and more, to make different choices. Choices that serve us more in that they allow us greater expression of the truer parts of ourselves that are being revealed.
For this is the healing process we've created.
We say it often.
Healing is revealing.
Ourselves, others.
We help peel away the layers, the armour, the walls, the barriers.
That which we've put up around our hearts, in our bodies.
As we remove them, we emerge.
New life, new possibilities.
Choices, conscious choices.

In a space of deep relaxation, of softness, we can release, we can make space for something new, we can expand our lives.

Quiet Lingam and Welcoming Yoni are experiences that allow this release to take place.
As ripples of gentle pleasure move through your body, the tension we hold melts. In this softening space we can make space for an expansion of who we are, of what we do, for how we do.

Welcoming Yoni gently releases tension held both externally and internally.
As these tender tissues soften, there is an increase in sensation, allowing for deeper pleasure, a greater range of sensation, an increase in orgasmic possibility, an intensifying of orgasm and a much greater probability of internal orgasms.

Quiet Lingam is designed to gently expand the sexual energy and patterning of male sexuality.
Men are quicker to ignite sexually, which means often they do not get to experience a slow and sensual experience of their sexual energy.
Touching a man gently, patiently, slowly, with no expectation of sex or even erection frees him to just enjoy different sensations of pleasure and intimacy, it can be very arousing, and it also can be very pleasurably relaxing as there is no need for him to do anything but FEEL.
Erection expectation and performance anxiety are things that most men will not speak of. The stress and mental anguish of the body and especially the Lingam not working as "expected" can cycle the sexual patterning into always having to perform for his partner, having to "provide" an erection.
Quiet Lingam Massage can help with this anxiety, relaxing your partner into an experience of just receiving, and receiving genitally with conscious touch that may not even feel very sexual, yet it releases expectation and allows for his body to have a new experience.
For a man to have
new lingam experiences, especially those involving a heart connection, can make a major impact on reconnecting with himself.

Quiet Lingam, Welcoming Yoni offers a path to experiencing sexual energy as a meditative experience.
For couples, experiencing this alongside each other creates a bubble of intimacy and connection.

For more information, visit:    Wonderful sensual and Tantric massage learning experiences based in South Africa.

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Steve Winston said on 11-05-2013 at 3:27 pm:
for I have sought the experience, the release, the unhurried time, of the quiet lingam. I have searched for it, not knowing really what it was, but I knew it was possible, full of possibilities. How to find this calm, when as a young man only knowing the hurried orgasm, and wanting to repeat again . . . Yet, even with all this intensity, I knew there was a place to just be, to be intimate with a woman in a very slow, nurturing, loving union. Years have passed, and having been shown a different way of loving by lovely Dakinis like Claire, I know that quiet lingam and welcoming yoni is a way for healing, of experiencing a fuller and richer life.