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Exercising Your Clarity Muscles In 3 Easy Steps To Get MORE Of What You Want In Life and In Bed…
by Reid Mihalko


If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of exercises I can do myself that give me clarity.


Because when I’ve taken steps towards becoming clear, others often react to me in more positive ways.

It doesn’t mean I always get what I want, but in this world filled with people being “fuzzy” and vague, folks see me as someone who “knows themselves,” and that seems to make people feel safer around me, which sometimes has them say yes to things I request (even when I’m the “scary sex guy.” LOL).

I find myself more inclined to consider a request when I feel safe/safer around someone. Is that the same for you?

Feel free to have a different take on this approach, but, for me personally, it’s also more difficult and less enjoyable for me when I’m “bumbling around” trying to ask for something vague. Also, as I hope you’ll see below, when I’m not clear, I don’t often get what I really want, which means an increase in dissatisfaction and eventually a kind of “starvation loop” for getting my needs met.

Consider the impact of being vague as it adds up over months, years, decades…

Getting clarity can be challenging, but once you realize that 1) the fear of asking for what you really want is how you know you’re moving in the right direction, and 2) the difficulty is probably coming from not having exercised your Clarity Muscles enough… Then you realize: Clarity is growthful and empowering! And you’ll just keep getting better and better at it with practice!

The Bonus Benefit: When you have clarity + people respond positively to clarity + a little bit of practice = you increase your odds of getting more of what you want in life.


Here’s the your exercise towards being even more awesome…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Reid Mihalko is an Oakland-based, nationally recognized sex and relationship educator, speaker, workshop designer, facilitator, and writer. Charismatic, with an almost magical ability to connect with people quickly and easily, Reid uses his gift of humor and keen insight to make people feel safe and allow them permission to explore their relationships, their sexuality, and themselves more deeply. Whether speaking to a group, appearing on television, coaching one-on-one, or consulting with the media, Reid’s caring, integrity and belief that people deserve to lead fulfilling, healthy lives shows.  Learn more at www.ReidAboutSex.com


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