Bondassage For Couples


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Note: This session requires the submission of My PETITION


While the specific administration varies from practitioner to practitioner and session to session, the fundamental "Art of Bondassage™," as created by the Bay Area's Miss Jaeleen, includes wrist and ankle restraint combined with a variety of sensory focusing tools, sensual impact play, and pleasurable stimulation of every kind. Therapeutic and erotic massage sequences are alternated with a variety of sensual touch techniques to stimulate circulation, focus the mind, and expand your erotic awareness. Bondassage™ is truly a journey of Mind, Body and Spirit.

At the beginning...

I will have you stand before me so that I may enjoy "inspecting" your body with my fingertips, head to toe. Padded cuffs will be applied to your wrists and ankles. Sometimes headphones are used to enhance sensory deprivation. Next you'll be gently secured to a soft massage table, thereby allowing yourself to sink deeply into your body as specially selected music begins playing. Your eyes will be covered with a fur-lined blindfold. 

You are now ready to submerge yourself into deep surrender, releasing the mundane world completely and offering yourself to your Mistress of Sensual Kink.

YES is the only answer as you fall down the rabbit hole.

Some of what you'll encounter along the way often times includes:
   -light and sensual bondage
   -sensation heightening impact play with floggers, canes, etc
   -vibration and sensation play on delightfully sensitive areas
   -light CBT
   -bunny fur
   -rose bud stimulation 
   -Klixen hand techniques
   -...and more


Deep relaxation and ecstatic satisfaction await you on the other side.

What could you possibly be waiting for?

(This session has a 3-hour minimum for couples so that both of you can experience receiving.) 



​Beginning May 1, 2015:
*Due to new protocols at my incall space, please add $60 to any session needing to start before 12pm, after 6pm, or on weekends.   Some exceptions may apply.  Check with me. 

FIRST SESSION (these are rates for Bay Area incall only; out call and out-of-area rates will differ)  Fee is for session time ONLY.  This session comes with a gift-bag including the Bondassage book written by Miss Jaeleen.

$900/3 hours
add $300 for each additional hour




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