My Esteemed Partners for Sensual Doubles Sessions 


Laurel Divine is an amazing woman and long time friend.  She's a dancer with a very HOT body!  She is a natural blond with sexy curves, street smarts, and irresistible playfulness.  I LOVE doing doubles sessions with her because our chemistry is great, our styles are similar, and she's a lot of fun to partner with to create an unforgettable experience for YOU!


Cora Bella is cute as a button!  She's sensual, flirtatious, and a total hottie.  She's a natural brunette with killer curves, adorable vivaciousness, and a love of pizazz.  She describes herself perfectly: "an authentic woman with a 'girl-next-door' sweetness."  Doubles sessions with Cora Bella are fun, flirty, and a feast for the eyes... You'll have a really great time with the two of us!


Venus is dazzling!  I always love how she can shape-shift between flirty kitten, sensual vixen, and PhD sexologist.  She's experienced, knowledgeable, and sexy as hell!  She used to be an exotic dancer, and still knows very well how to entice with her curves.  She might do a special lap dance for you! ;-)  Venus is a natural red head full of flirtiness and magnetism.  Sessions with her are full of love, warmth, and connection. Let us pamper you!

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