1. Where are you located?
  2. This is my first experience with sensual massage. What can I expect during a massage like this?
  3. I'm a sensual massage connoissuer.  What can I expect from a session with you?
  4. Do you provide a shower?
  5. Are you ever available evenings, nights or weekends?
  6. What is your cancellation/re-schedule policy?
  7. Does the session duration mean just the time I'm on the table?
  8. Is this a mutual session?
  9. Do you offer discounts? Do you barter? Are your rates negotiable?
  10. I want to bring you a gift.  What kinds of things do you like to receive as tokens of affection and appreciation?
  11. What sets you apart from other providers?
  12. Do you have a title?
  13. How did you become interested in this work?
  14. Who are your ideal clients?
  15. Why do you have a personal assistant?
  16. For my first-time clients & newbies


Where are you located? 

My workspace is located in Oakland, Ca, in the San Francisco Bay Area. I occasionally make work trips to Los Angeles and New York, and will advertise in those cities when those trips are forthcoming.  

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This is my first experience with sensual massage.  What can I expect during a massage like this?

In general, a sensual massage is a delicious massage experience that differs from a traditional therapeutic massage in these ways: 1) the massage will be done without a drape (no sheet covering you), 2) you will be completely nude on the table, 3) your provider will be at some level of undress (perhaps completely nude, or in her panties, or in lingerie, for comfort), 4) she will likely use her torso and chest along with her arms and legs to massage your whole body, 5) she will incorporate your entire body in the massage, 6) you are invited to experience your arousal and turn-on.  A climax or ejaculation is never considered part of a session, though it may occur. Any money exchanged is for time only.   


In a session with me you will be fully nude on my table.  I do not use a drape.  I will be in my panties at all time, massaging you with Swedish and deep tissue massage strokes interwoven with wonderful light and feathery touches, using my entire body at times.  I enjoy being touched in a non-arousing way along the backside of my body, though touch for my body is never expected nor solicited.  Your deep relaxation is my priority.  Your body may respond with arousal.

Keep in mind that every provider (sensual massage therapist) is unique, with a unique beauty, expertise, and ability.  Therefore each sensual massage you experience in your life will be delightfully different, even if it's with the same provider.

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I'm a sensual massage connoissuer.  What can I expect from a session with you?

Whether your interest is sensual touch, tantric massage, or conscious kink, you can expect a richly nourishing environment, a powerfully intuitive guide, and an immensely pleasurable space. You can expect my full attention to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, and all of my training and gifts at your service. You can expect exquisite touch from head to toe, intelligent interactions, a hot shower, water, tea, chocolates, lovely music, candles, sweet smells... all the richness and juicy sensuality of the Divine Feminine.

I have created an exquisite oasis of depth, connection, rejuvenation, and relaxation especially for you! 

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Do you provide a shower?

Yes, a wonderful, hot, relaxing shower is available when you arrive as well as at the end of the session.  Please plan on showering twice when you are here.  Once before the session to give an extra important scrub to your armpits and pelvic + anal area, and once after to wash off any oils or scents you don't want to take with you.

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Are you ever available morning, evenings, nights or weekends for massage sessions?

Yes, I am, but only with advanced scheduling and for an additional fee.  Because my healing space is used by others, I must charge an additional $60 "convenience" fee for sessions scheduled to begin before 12pm, after 6pm, or weekends to compensate these other people.  Some exceptions may apply so let's discuss options and opportunities if your schedule does not permit you to session with me during my usual business hours: Monday to Friday 12pm-6pm. 

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What is your cancellation/re-schedule policy?

An appointment for pleasure is still a business appointment.  I require 24-hours notice by phone (with email or text follow up) for any cancellations or re-scheduling of sessions.  If less than 24-hours is given (without a specific and sensible reason that is acceptable to me), I reserve the right to refuse to see a client in the future unless 50% of the missed session is paid prior to scheduling a future session and/or a future session is pre-paid in full, and will be non-refundable if the session is missed.  Similarly, if a client is a no-show/no-call and does not call to explain the reason within 12-hours of the session time, the client will automatically be black-listed and all relevant contact information will be posted to the appropriate lists, forums, and websites for unreliable clients.  In conclusion, be considerate.  That way everyone has a good time!  

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Does the session duration mean just the time I'm on the table?

Session duration means (as with any professional you'd work with) the moment you walk through the door (or the appointed start time, if you're late), a bathroom/shower visit, a brief in-take, table time/ritual session, shower, debriefing, and departure. My sessions will typically include a few extra minutes as opposed to you ever leaving before the entire time is up.

Please note: If you're running late because you did not properly plan your arrival, it is up to my discretion whether I will still consider our original start time as the start of the session's duration or if I will consider the moment you walk through the door as the start time. Thank you.

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Is this a mutual session?

Though I do appreciate the joys of sensual touch, my commitment is to keep the erotic focus of the session on you. To that end, I enjoy receiving loving, NON-EROTIC touch and massage along the more neutral parts of my body: my legs, my gluts, my back, my arms and my neck. It is my commitment to maintain a clear and healthy boundary for the sensual healing work we will be doing in our session together and to focus all of my attention on you.  For this reason my panties remain on at all times. 

Please be clear: there is NO full service or other illegal services ever offered or contracted for before, during or after any of my sessions.  Donation is exchanged for time only.  All sessions are between two consenting adults for educational purposes.

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Do you offer discounts? Do you barter? Are your rates negotiable?

I do not.  However, occasionally, I like to surprise a client with a discount on a future session as a thank you for being a great client.  Otherwise, my rates are non-negotiable, and I do not trade for massage.

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I want to bring you a gift.  What kinds of things do you like to receive as tokens of affection and appreciation?

I always love bouquets of pink starburst lillies.  Additionally, I appreciate gift certificates for Whole Foods, Victoria's Secret, Amazon.com, Apple, and Itunes.  Pre-paid credit cards are wonderful tokens of appreciation also. Thank you!  

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What sets you apart from other providers?

Since a young age I have been a deeply introspective person, particularly about sexuality, sensuality and spirituality in my life. Sexuality and sensuality have been far more than physical phenomena. They have possessed a direct link to the spiritual for me, whether I've been able to describe it or not, and this has inspired my quest for personal and sensual discovery over the past decade.

I see my sensitivity to the marriage of sex and spirit as a huge part of what sets me apart from other FBSM providers. With ancient wisdom teachings inspiring much of the work I do, I am committed to providing my clients with opportunities to not only experience their own pleasure in session but to learn and grow from it as well.

Additionally, my commitment to personal growth, my intellect, my training and certification as both a life coach, counselor, and sex educator, and the intensive travel I have done over the years and continue to do make me a truly one-of-a-kind provider.

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Do you have a title?

I do not have an exact title per se. In my sessions I am a touch work practitioner, an intimacy coach, sensual energy artist, sexual shaman and erotic educator. My formal training has been as a life coach, counselor, sexuality educator, dancer, energy healer and sexual shaman. What this means is that I'm equipped to ask you deep and pertinent questions that open you to more intimacy and sexuality in your life, to guide you through exercises that enhance your sensual energetic responses, and to help you appreciate the importance of sexuality in your life.

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How did you become interested in this work?

Each of our paths leads us to where we are for distinct and perfect reasons. The short version of the story is that I became interested in sacred sensuality and erotic education as a way to heal the schism in my own understanding of sensuality and sexuality. I was raised Catholic in the South, and unfortunately received many mixed messages from my religion and culture about sexuality.  I have dedicated part of my life's work to re-integrating sexuaity and spirituality in myself and in the world.

This work is a passion as much as a vocation for me. My path and expression of the work is continually refining itself. My ultimate focus is on teaching the energetics of sexuality (Tantra and Sexual Shamanism), re-educating men and women about sexuality and intimacy as tools for personal and spiritual growth, and working with men, women and couples to manage their sexual energies towards spiritual wholeness and conscious & creative relationships.

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Who are your ideal clients?

My ideal clients are men, women, and couples who are fun, respectful, punctual, discrete, generous, and who really enjoy massage. They honor me by arriving to the session at the designated time or communicating if they will be late or need to reschedule. They are interested in the pleasure of a massage as well as the opportunity to learn about sensual and sexual practices that enhance health and well-being in their lives and relationships. My ideal clients have an open mind and are hungry to learn how to integrate body, mind and spirit. They are more than clients or hobbyists; they are sensual seekers in the most noble sense, who I relish working with.

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Why do you have a personal assistant?

I work with a wonderful personal assistant to be sure I don't miss a single email, intake form, or inquiry.  She helps  me to complete pre-screening of new clients.  She's also my safety contact.  She knows where I am and who I am with throughout my work day.  This ensures your safety and mine.

You can reach us both at: YesPlease@YourSensualEvolution.com

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I always liked this explanation of ideal protocol for scheduling. I did not write it, nevertheless, it expresses my sentiments exactly.

Increase your odds of seeing the provider of your choice. 

"Would you like to increase your odds of seeing the provider of your choice? Here are a few VERY SIMPLE tips to make your ending happy!


  1. READ the provider's ad and/or website. I mean from top to bottom. Nothing is more aggravating to a provider than to have someone call who has only looked at the picture and gotten the phone number. Your odds of impressing her (and not wasting your time) are untold.
  2. If you are emailing, write her a letter something akin to a business letter. Introduce yourself, give your name and announce that you wish to make an appointment. If she requires references (which you have no doubt found out by READING her ad/website), this would be a good time to go ahead and give them to her.

    Again, you will increase your odds 110% by being polite and using proper English. None of this: "i wunt se yu.how muck?" Remember that delightful technology known as spell check! It was made for a reason!

    When giving references, please do not write "I saw Sue in Oakland." Despite the fact that you think we have a global tracking unit in our brains on every girl who has ever worked or will work, we really do not! Despite the fact that there are 200 Sues in Oakland, it speeds up the process if you give as much detail as you can. Please also CONTACT Sue in Oakland and ask if she gives references. That sweet little cutie may just have a chip on her shoulder when it comes to her sistren. It happens.

    One last thing, again, the polite business letter. Not the badly mispelled one sentence, or even worse, the "hi." End of email. We are quite good at using the DELETE key these days!

  3. Do not call when you HAVE to see her in 1/2 hour or bust. Most providers need time to stop what they are doing, freshen up the space and themselves, which does take a bit of time (not including finding your references if she does that.)

    Also, please try not to schedule an appointment when you know you might have tons of business interruptions. She might forgive you once, but two or three times, fuhgeddiboudit!

  4. Once at her incall, please remember to place the donation on her coffee table (in an envelope is quite nice.)
  5. Please, when taking a shower, clean front to BACK! You might not think you smell offensive, but ya do. Trust me, ya do. Maybe you are saying to yourself, you could care less. But if you care for good service, look to yourself before you start throwing stones...

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Follow these simple steps and you'll be an ideal client for me and anyone you contact for any kind of sensual arts service!!!


And now, for your viewing pleasure, a fun video about a first Tantric massage session: HERE


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