Sensual Offerings For Couples



Because I am committed to couples deepening their sensual and emotional intimacy and experiencing more relational satisfaction, my work with couples is focused on intimacy education rather than merely sensual entertainment.  I weave together talk, touch, and teaching in our time together.  

Please take a moment to complete and submit my couples session creation form. I will want to exchange emails (or ideally have a phone call) with both of you to ensure we are all on the same page.  My aim is to have a clear understanding of your hopes, visions and desires for the session.  

The session has 3 parts:

  • During the first portion we will connect through talk, answer any questions, and ensure that both of you feel comfortable and happy.  I provide tea, water and snacks because this is like a "tea time" for us to get to know each other. 
  • The second portion is about "teach and touch."  We will focus on your specific areas of interest (as outlined in your couples session creation form).  I will guide you through various exercises and experiences related to your interests.  This portion is a warm up for each of you to receive about 1 hour on the table for massage and (if requested) guided learning.  
  • Finally, the third portion is decompression.  We will share about the experience: how it was for you and what you learned.  You will leave with learning resources and possibly even homework! 

Each session is 3 hours minimum.  

3 hours: $695
4 hours: $895

5 hours: $1095
6 hours: $1295

Day rate: Please inquire

So that we can begin, please submit both my new client intake form as well as my couples session creation form.  I look forward to working with you!



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