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My Signature Sensual Sessions

UPDATE - New Service: For a limited time I am offering discounted hour long "Sensual Bliss Out" sessions to help us gently recover from social distancing and the sheltering in place we've all been having to endure.  Donation is $200/hour.  Learn more HERE.

I'm also offering other types of "Social Distaincing Sessions" for those not yet ready to meet in person.  Read more HERE


Choose from:


My original signature sensual session as described below.  Begins as a deeply nourishing therapeutic massage and builds to an exciting aria of sensations.  Minimum 90-minutes

Fee is for session time ONLY.  (and now includes a $20 fee to cover Covid-19 supplies and cleaning time)

$380/90 minutes *(now includes a $20 fee to cover Covid-19 supplies and cleaning time)
$480/2 hours *(now includes a $20 fee to cover Covid-19 supplies and cleaning time)


My original signature sensual session with an added bonus.  This sensation begins and ends with a personalized journey through all the senses and has a deeply nourishing therapeutic massage in the middle.  Minimum 100-minutes.

Fee is for session time ONLY.

$400/100 minute *(now includes a $20 fee to cover Covid-19 supplies and cleaning time)
$500/2 hours *(now includes a $20 fee to cover Covid-19 supplies and cleaning time)

What are my sensual sessions like?

A Signature Sensual session with me is a total experience.  It’s a fusion of environment, preparation and pressure points.  You’ll see that my art form is as much about how to touch as it is about where to touch.

A sensual session with me is something transcendental and beneficial to body, mind, and spirit.  It is a time for you to experience deep relaxation as your body is seduced into a state of total surrender. I call it "melting" into bliss.

In my signature sessions I offer no guidance, no learning, no coaching per se... they are "experiences" completely dedicated to your pleasure. I create a deeply nourishing environment for you. The focus is on your body at all times. Your only purpose is to allow the healing power of relaxation to transport you with pleasure!

“It seems that our conventional world is not set up to value relaxation or ease. Fortunately, however, you’re wise enough to see the flaw in that approach, and to highly value relaxation and ease in your life.” -Claire Noelle

I custom craft each session with you to be a sensual journey through which I’m able to showcase a medley of established and effective relaxation techniques, each one personalized to the needs of your body and mind on a particular day.

Reclaim your sensual power with my slow, gentle touch from head to toe. You will notice your body naturally relax when the tempo of the touch is turned way down.

Relax and be in stillness as warmed oils are then massaged all along your back and legs in wave-like effleurage strokes … up and back… and up and back… coaxing tight muscles to soften.

Unwind your mind as you feel a combination of heat packs and warm towels applied to your backside and neck, infusing your muscles with a womblike feeling of warm moisture.

Take a deep breath and let the pleasure in!  As we turn you over, I begin exploring your body with warmed massage cream and an alternating sequence of sweetly gentle caresses and intentional deep-tissue strokes to entice and awaken all of your senses.

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