Sensual Session For Women



"I felt comfortable with Claire immediately.  It was nice to start out with a conversation about what I was wanting.  She has a really skilled and amazing touch.  I felt so much pleasure during our session.  And afterwards I felt both deeply energized and deeply relaxed at the same time."  K.C., SF Bay Area


The PRINCESS Session

It seems that our conventional world is not set up to value relaxation, sensuality, and slowness. Fortunately, however, you’re wise enough to see the flaw in that approach, and to highly value these joys in your life.


The Princess Session is my signature sensual offering for women. I have designed it as an experience ~ a sensual journey ~ through which I’m able to showcase a medley of established and effective sensual relaxation techniques, each one personalized to the needs of your body and mind on a particular day.

This experience begins with slow, very gentle, sensual touch from head to toe. You will notice your body naturally relax when the tempo of the touch is turned way down. There is something magical about being touched by a woman.  Warmed oils are then massaged all along your back and legs in wave-like effleurage strokes, coaxing tight muscles to soften. My aim is to help your body transcend any stress of your everyday life so you can return to your naturally feminine & radiant self. 

Take a deep breath!  Feel my body on top of yours as body-to-body contact along your backside grounds and relaxes you further.  Many women marvel at how wonderful and soft a woman's skin can be against theirs.  You'll experience mine.  And as we turn you over, I begin awakening your body with an alternating sequence of sweetly gentle caresses and intentional deep-tissue strokes to relax and enliven you. 

As we entice you with sensation and pleasure, I'll simultaneously encourage you to relax your body and maintain a focus on your breath, your desire, and a deep sense of inner peace.  My recommendation, at least for the first session, is that we allow the sensations to be a destination-less journey.  Arousal will be kept at a medium heat so that you can float for a very long time before we gently return to shore.  Many women find the slow, lingering pace and the agenda-less focus to be liberating and enlightening.  There are sadly few occassions when we women can linger in our pleasure unapologetically.  Let's change that as we discover what your pleasure is!


New Clients (2 hour minimum first session).  Fee is for time ONLY.  
[these rates are for Bay Area incall; out call and out-of-area rates will differ]

$420/2 hours *(now includes a $20 fee to cover Covid-19 supplies and cleaning time)

Established Clients (90 minutes minimum)  Fee is for time ONLY.
[these are rates for Bay Area incall only; out call and out-of-area rates will differ]

$320*/90 minutes
$420*/2 hours
$520*/2 hours + 30-minute coaching call follow-up
$620*/2 hours + 1-hour coaching call follow-up

*(rates for time now include a $20 fee to cover Covid-19 supplies and cleaning time)

The Queen Session
$620/3 hours (includes refreshments and a gift bag of sensual delights) ((this session is 2 hours on the table and 1 hour of nurturing and focused coaching/counseling/conversation plus a 20+ minute follow up coaching call.))


I encourage you to welcome our time together as your personal experiment in pleasure activism, asking from me as well as giving yourself exactly what you desire, with no expectation of any specific outcome.  The pace will be slow.  And you will be amazed at how much sensation you will feel! (If you feel called however, feel free to bring your favorite toy or vibrator for enhanced sensations that you can apply.)

All massage sessions begin and end with an opportunity for us to share conversation about you, your body, your sexuality, your sexual experiences, whatever you may like to talk about.  The session also includes a shower before and after the massage for you to refresh yourself with.





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