Special Discounted
Hour Sessions

It's an unusual time.  And no one knows when or if things will go "back to normal".  What was standard in your lifestyle a few weeks ago, may now be luxury.  However, let's work together to find a way for the pleasure to continue. 

With all the unknwons and uncertainties in mind, I've been inspired to offer simple one-hour "sensual bliss-out" massage sessions at a discount.  My usual donation rate is $260, but for the foreseeable future, I will be offering these sessions for a donation rate of $200/hour.

These sessions will include a shower only at the end of the session instead of beginning and end.  This will maximize your time on my table with my hands all over you, soothing weary muscles, tending to bottled up stress, and returing sanity to your Being. 

Drop into bliss and skyrocket into stress relief with my attentive touch and skill.


  • an extra 15 minutes (75 minutes total) = +$60
  • an extra half hour (90-minutes total) = +$100
  • essential oil treatment for health and immunity = +$20


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