Welcome to my sacred realm of services created intuitively and entirely for the exploration of Your Sensual Evolution.

A Sensual session is a delightful experience.


A Sensual Domme specializing in BDSM.


Unique focus and customized attention.


Exquisite signature CBD therapeutic massage.

What it’s like to work with claire:

I have been to see Claire a few times and each time has been better than the last. She has always been very easy to communicate with and once we got through verification scheduling the first appointment was a breeze. 

Each time she opens the door she lights you up with her positive and sweet demeanor. She is always incredibly easy to speak with and I find myself opening up. She feels very open-minded and non-judgmental which makes it very easy to chat about a life and my sensual exploration.
My last visit was just a few days ago and I still feel completely calm and relaxed. She guided me through a long and exhilarating sensual journey. It was so much fun that I left feeling like a million dollars. But, now I am trying to figure when is the next chance I can get to meet Claire again because I know there is still so much more to explore!”