I have now visited Claire on several occasions and each has been a pure joy.

I was initially a little concerned – what’s all this about providing proof of identity – but I decided that as Claire had appeared on TV programs that she had as much at stake as I. My proof of identity was somewhat novel but Claire was pleased to accept it. From the very first moment of stepping into Claire’s apartment I felt absolutely at ease and my worries dissolved. Claire’s photos give hints of her wonderful, friendly personality and by the time I left I felt that Claire was a friend I had known forever.

We first spent a little while talking when I put my visit into context. I found it very easy to talk to Claire as she is a wonderful listener and her responses were very understanding. I then showered and returned to find Claire ready for my massage in her softly lit studio with music in the background. My massage was pure bliss and my only regret was that it had to end as I wanted it to continue forever. Claire started on my back mixing her strokes and thoroughly relaxing me. I turned over and she continued, both relaxing and stimulating me in a way I found quite extraordinary – I had never experienced anything like it before. Claire coaxed me higher and higher and I felt I was floating in a cloud of pure pleasure. It was just wonderful.

I so enjoyed talking to Claire that I took the opportunity for a social meeting appointment where we went to dinner and spent our time talking.

Would I recommend that you visit Claire? Recommend just isn’t the correct word – you must visit Claire. You will not regret one moment.

J. H., England


I am not the kind to kiss and tell, and I feel that my time with Claire Noelle was special and private. But I will say that it was very warm, sensual, invigorating and blissful.

Claire is beautiful inside and out. I had a difficult time getting there because of traffic, so when I arrived I was quite stressed out. Claire took the time to calm me down, and made me feel very much welcome and at ease in her space. Before we started our session I was able to share some of my story that brought me to see her. She was able to personalize our time together, and it felt very much like a session geared to me personally.

So from my personal experience I couldn’t have made a better choice. What I would say to others looking for a provider is that Claire Noelle is a find. Her pictures are accurate, and the attractive, warm person you see in them is very much the woman who greets you at the door. I would very much enjoy seeing her again, and I would give an enthusiastic positive review. I would say if you visit Claire with a bit of an open heart, and a good disposition you will be rewarded with the sensual attention from a kind and beautiful soul.

A.B., San Francisco


Claire surprised me. She is a tiny powerhouse of uplifting energy.

From the moment she accepted my booking to the hours after she disappeared from sight I was touched by her passion. She devoted all of herself to me during our time together I couldn’t help but fear that our time together would end. Yet, time drifted away like a melting ice-cream and the clock became inconsequential. The session finished when the energy was right not when the clock said it was over.

Claire is a true believer in her art. She understands Tantra from a personal perspective not just an academic one. Her application of Tantric principles in her own life as well as in mine proves she hasn’t just learned the lingo. She spent the time to fully understand me and my needs before satisfying me completely and with a genuine and visible desire to please me. Her touch was soft and warming and her energy breathed life into my soul.

The only thing I could have asked for was even more time with her. It will happen again one day, next time I am in the Bay Area. I believe everybody needs to experience a moment in Claire’s presence.

A, Australia


What first struck me about Claire-Noelle was her engaging presence, and I loved the joy and eagerness in that amazing smile and those penetrating eyes.

I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed eye contact so much in a session, for she was so open and giving in the way she expressed herself, and her enthusiasm in the sacred space was truly infectious. Her style was fluid and effortless with each tantric principle and experience seamlessly building one after another. I also was impressed by how her build-up of touch and intimacy felt so natural, and how she was extremely intuitive in reading my body and feeding back on my energy, all leading to a truly blissful catharsis and thoughtful processing afterwards. She truly embodies the traits of a goddess–wise, beautiful, and inspiring–while also being extremely accessible, good-humored, and passionate, and I would consider it a great privilege to see her again.

L.S., Bay Area


Even up to the point that I approached your studio I was unsure if I had made the right decision to see ‘another woman’ to help me awaken my sensual appreciation.

Being in a relationship with a woman I love and respect greatly, I was concerned that I would tarnish my decades long partnership with her. When I arrived at your door and we sat down and talked, I found that you made me feel so at ease that the words just started pouring out. That was the first time I have spoken with someone so freely about my sexual situation. You took me in and made me feel completely comfortable and bathed me in the personal attention I have been missing for so long. Your touch always felt accompanied by your presence in the moment. You showed me that absolutely I had made the right decision, and I am certain I felt that way because it was you who guided me.

I left you with only a big hug,
but you sent me on my way with a renewed spirit.

Looking Forward To Seeing You Again!

C.C., Bay Area


Claire is an absolutely wonderful person to be around.

From our initial intake, to the session itself, and finally the parting words, she was genial, funny, and alluring all at the same time! She makes you feel at ease from moment you walk in the door till you walk back out.

It was my first time in any Bondassage session and working with Claire definitely interested me in trying it again! There was an energy throughout the session. You can really tell she loves what she does and is fantastic at it.

A.Y., Massachusetts


Just wanted to thank you for a profoundly wonderful experience this afternoon.

After my session, I felt I had reached a new state of sensual awareness and bliss. It was as if I was floating in air. I felt more loving and more generous with myself and others. A smile was permanently fixed on my face. I especially loved your endearing welcome and inherent warmth. Claire, you truly are a beautiful, soulful creature. Your stunning eyes and bright smile alone have healing powers. …I am already looking forward to the chance to rest peacefully on your soft table again.

J.B., San Diego, CA


I just want to thank you for the therapy session yesterday.

I was nervous but your understanding and joyful spirit put me at ease. Thank you also for giving me extra time. It seems like a dark cloud has been lifted from me — emotionally and physically, which makes my present circumstances easier to cope with.

P.E., Bay Area


I’ve been meaning to thank you for the incredible first session I had with you about a month ago.

The thing that I may have been most impressed with were your (and your assistant’s) professionalism and use of discretion. I was also made to feel very comfortable from my very first interaction with you both thru the conclusion of my session. Though I did satisfy one curiosity, I’m afraid I may have created new ones! Speaking of which, when can we schedule our next session?

C.O., San Francisco


I too sincerely enjoyed our time together!

It was out of this world! How am I supposed to enjoy normal sensuality now that I’ve experienced such intensity? Your touch and voice took me to level I never thought possible, and the best part is that I think I can take more of it. I actually really enjoyed the nipple play and the flogging/spanking… I wanted it to be more forceful. That surprised me! I feel so totally safe and so open with you. Being softly tied up and blind folded actually made me feel safer and helped me not to be shy. It was amazing!

J.B., Santa Barbara


Very sensuous experience that awakened my spirit and made my soul laugh. I look forward to my next encounter with her.

D.L., Bay Area


Just wanted to reiterate that the session was everything I hoped it would be.
Also, you do your website pictures full justice.

W.K., Bay Area


Doing fantastic and still feeling great!

My experience with Claire Noelle was nothing short of inspirational. A fantastic, introspective
experience under the guidance of someone filled with warmth, caring, and sensuality. Was at ease with her immediately and things only got better as time progressed!

R.T., San Francisco


First, I had a really wonderful time. It meant such a lot to me that you opened yourself to me in the ways that you did.

I always feel grateful when another human takes the time to lower the wall a bit, and while you’re obviously in a situation in these sessions where you have to guard yourself to a certain level, I really felt like there was some part of YOU in the room with me, and that was very special. So thank you.

… again, you are a truly beautiful woman, in all senses of the adjective. Thank you so much for your wisdom, humor, compassion, and sexual strength.

C. M., Connecticut


This was my first session with Claire-Noelle who I think is totally adorable in the first place.

She welcomed me with open arms, piercing green eyes I could fall into, and a sweet smile. It was a great session, very sensual, comfortable, and if I could only use one word = blissful! Definitely recommend one of her sessions if you want an escape from reality.

D.P., South San Francisco


I just wanted to thank-you again for the wonderful time I spent with you.

You are a welcome bright light in the Bay Area. My enjoyment comes from not only the physical part of the session, which was pure pblphbtpprhhggghbbt. Hahaha.

But from the beginning with the intake and your explanation of the session offering, to the wonderful post massage sharing conversation. Not only did I get to leave fully blissed but with a feeling of being blessed by you as well. I am honored to have been your client today and to receive your offering. You can be assured that the winds will send me in your direction again fairly soon.

G. R., Napa


I have been to see Claire a few time and each time has been better than the last.
She has always been very easy to communicate with and once we got through verification scheduling the first appointment was a breeze.
Each time she opens the door she lights you up with her positive and sweet demeanor. She is always incredibly easy to speak with and I find myself opening up. She feels very open-minded and non-judgmental which makes it very easy to chat about a life and my sensual exploration.
My last visit was just a few days ago and I still feel completely calm and relaxed. She guided me through a long and exhilarating sensual journey. It was so much fun that I left feeling like a million dollars. But, now I am trying to figure when is the next chance I can get to meet Claire again because I know there is still so much more to explore!
D.V., SF Bay Area


I first visited Claire for a massage after being attracted by her website and her photos, and I had a wonderful experience.

I had found it very easy to talk to Claire and a chance remark as my session came to an end evoked a response from Claire that decided me, there and then, to arrange a second visit so that we could explore this further.

I have long suffered from premature ejaculation and I confessed this and asked for her advice. It seemed such a natural thing to tell Claire and, once I had started, I felt immensely relieved – it was as though a huge load had been lifted from my shoulders and a dam inside me had burst. I felt a very close bond with Claire and I could suddenly talk about things I had long repressed. I somewhat surprised myself by telling her things I had told no-one else – not even myself. It was amazing to have found someone with whom I could talk about such personal things without the slightest embarrassment, and without holding back on any of my thoughts or feelings. Claire is a wonderful listener with a deep understanding of human sexuality and our discussion ranged widely and I found what she said to be most relevant.

Claire explained why she thought this was happening and why the traditional methods (eg stop and squeeze) I had tried had not worked as they did not address the real issue. Claire than put her ideas into practice, leading me through a sequence of heightened arousal during which I practiced control, followed by lowering the arousal, and repeating it. I was astounded by the way in which I was now able to control myself and would not have believed it had I been told a day earlier that I could do this.

I have found what Claire told me to be of great assistance and I am extremely pleased that I made my second visit. Claire is a very talented person and an excellent sex therapist.

R.S., U.K.


I really liked receiving a whole, clear teaching at the start that was also a centering and entering.

I met (re-met) so many parts of my body and their awarenesses and processes, from my teeth and mouth to my whole energetic being existing here and now. I liked embodying the divine masculine and being a receiver, not passive but open to receiving – and at one point actually being handed myself — here, this is you, my gift is to introduce you to yourself.

I felt very held in good space — good professional space and good personal space; really integrated. Thank you!

D.F., Oakland


It brings me great joy to know someone like you exists! Thank you for a stellar session!



Claire, you made it comfortable, relaxing and pleasurable. Thanks so much.

P., Bay Area


You are one of a kind, making me (and I assume all your clients) feel so relaxed, good, special and appreciated not just while on your table but also off the table.

C., Washington