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This menu of Specialty Sessions is inspired by the Erotic Blueprints (a framework of erotic understanding created by a sex educator named Jaiya who trained me as an Erotic Blueprints Coach in 2021).  The sessions offer more terrain for you to engage your sensual evolution, eroticism and arousal through.

my specialty sessions

The Erotic Blueprints are a map of 5 entry points to erotic turn on that reveal your specific erotic language and provide a truly remarkable framework to create deeper self-understanding and significantly more sexual satisfaction in your life.

The 5 Erotic Blueprints are:
Energetic – turned on by anticipation, space and tease; prefers light or hovering touch
Sensual – tuned on by all of their senses being engaged, ambiance, romance, and sensory play
Sexual -turned on by straightforward sex, nudity, orgasms, penetration, and direct genital contact
Kinky – turned on by power dynamics, anything that feels taboo, and/or pushing edges
Shapeshifter – turned on by everything above because they love variety


I’ve developed each of these sessions to be experiences to explore, feed as well as expand each of the Erotic Blueprints.  Take the Erotic Blueprint Quiz to find out which of the Blueprints you are. Share your results with me and we can discuss the best place(s) for you to start your explorations.


Each of these Specialty Sessions includes an optional follow up call (30-minutes) or email exchange to help you unpack and integrate your experience.  You will be responsible for scheduling or initiating the follow-up.

For the Energetic Blueprint

Soft touch session
A session dedicated entirely to soft touch and highly energetic massage techniques.  No deep tissue or fast effleurage strokes, the majority of the focus is on hovering above or light contact with the skin as well as peaceful holding of joints, hands, and feet for the purpose of bringing the nervous system into deep relaxation.  Additionally you’ll be able to feel the transference of energy from my hands to your body, which will enhance how you experience arousal energy moving through your body. Music will be soft, gentle, with very low stimulation.  A blindfold can be worn to make the experience more internal.  Light feathers, gentle chimes, singing bowl, and crystals made be used. Essential oils can be added by request to heighten the healing effects of the massage. 

The perfect massage for a deeply internal and relaxing experience, for especially when life has become OVER-stimulating.

Expand Your Energetic Erotic Blueprint
$800/2 hours

For the Sensual Blueprint

::: ELYSIUM™ :::
(created by the founder of BONDASSAGE™)

In Greek mythology, Elysium was the original paradise to which those few heroes most especially favored by the gods were sent…and made immortal.

Elysium is the new standard of luxury sensual massage. Imagine a session that has been designed to expand your sensual boundaries and transport you to new heights of pleasure by slowing down the tempo of the session, with more focus on your exquisitely sensitive areas, encouraging you to feel and experience more and more and more. Elysium combines a mesmerizing sequence of exquisite touch, warm oil and other sensory-focusing techniques to entice all of your senses. Using techniques derived from Ayurvedic, Kashmiri, and Taoist principles, enhanced by soft silk bondage, blindfolds, alternating soft brush strokes, incredibly slow massage, and expert caresses. Elysium raises the bar of bearable bliss to bring you the ultimate sensual experience!

Suspend time. Transcend reality. Experience Elysium.
$600/90 minutes
$800/2 hours

For the SEXUAL Blueprint


Sexual Reflexology and Body Mapping Session
Details and description to follow.  Check back soon.

For the Kinky Blueprint

Kinky Immersions
Someone who has or is exploring the Kinky Erotic Blueprint may be drawn to many different dimensions of the Kink and BDSM world, ranging from psychological play to impact play and beyond.  Through these immersions, you and I will either determine an experience to create for you and explore together OR I will help you find a local Dark Arts practitioner (from my personal network) who will be  a great match to take you into the discovery of the realms of Kink play and BDSM that you’re eager to explore.  Then you and I will connect not too long after your session  to debrief and integrate the experience.

Personalized Play: Let’s craft and enjoy a uniquely tailored session together (if you requests are in my repertoire) or have me accompany you to a session with another professional –
$800/2 hours

Expert Support: Have me help you find an appropriate Dark Arts professional (from my personal network) to session with, receive email or text mental + emotional preparatory support from me ahead of your session, and have a follow up de-briefing/coaching/integration session with me after your session-

For the Shapeshifter Blueprint

Peaceful Warrior Shapeshifter session

A session that blends soft touch massage with elements of BDSM to create a cocoon of deep, internal, meditative relaxation.  At the beginning of the session, you will be blindfolded and bound tightly to the table.  A blanket will cover you snuggly to create the sensation of a gentle cocoon.  Headphones will be placed over your ears. The music playing will be gentle and very low beats-per-minute with the intent of putting you into a light meditative trance.  You will be invited to dive fully inside yourself, resting and meditating deeply.  With my hands I will be holding and very lightly massaging all parts of your body, infusing your body more with energy than pressure, alternating with Klixen strokes, tease and denial, and more.  And ever so slowly we will activate your body’s sensual responses so you can explore that energy from a meditative calm.

Feed Your Shape Shifter Blueprint
$800/2 hours